Month: January 2014

MRI Could Stand for…

Most Rude Invention? Magnificent Round Igloo? Molecular Re-scrambling Invention? Mediocre…I got nothing.

I’m having my second one done today. I have one every 5 years or so, only my new neurologist Dr. Hot Pants would like to see a spinal cord study this time. So I get to play “Pretend I’m not having a muscle spasm” or my favorite, “Oh Sh**, I think I got to pee” twice this year.



Caving in to the Crying-It-Out Pressure

Update on having a set bedtime for Lenna: Not good.

I had one successful night and then we had a bad night where all was lost. After an hour of crying I caved. And once again, I woke up on the floor next to my daughter’s crib and she was snuggled up beside me.  This is hard.


My daughter with her Binky

My Problem: My mom calls me a nervous mom and therein lies my failure as a parent. It’s the truth, I am a little, but it still hurts my feelings that I come across as “nervous” to her. Yea, I want my little girl to eat. Yes, I want my little girl to get all the rest she can. Yes, I want her to grow up self-reliant and confidant and not mommy-dependent. She is already beautiful and smart.

So having said that; I promise not to weasel my way out of teaching the little one about bedtime.

I promise to keep at it with the finger foods, spoons, and sippy cups.

I promise to find a local liquor store and “relax a bit”.



Bedtime Routines & Other Cruel and Unusual Punishments

I lie this is only about one stupid bedtime routine.

The idea of change for me is scary but the importance of my little one’s sleep and mine depend on a bedtime routine that works. So here we go:

DorothyI started the morning by waking her early. My theory is she has a 4-6 hour awake time and her afternoon nap is interfering with the bedtime. Lenna wakes up from her afternoon nap at 3:30 (ish). The plan has been set in motion.

There really is no plan, I’m just trying to get the timing of “Drowsy & Bedtime crap” right.

      • Dinner
      • Bath
      • PJ’s
      • Playtime which includes Books – etc.
      • Last Bottle
      • Put in crib with Binky (Pacifier – please don’t judge) and pink Panda
      • 5 minutes of crying -OR-15-30 minutes of fussing (Lenna fussed.)
      • Return to give Binky and pink Panda
      • 5 minutes of crying -OR- 15-30 minutes of fussing (Lenna cried for almost 30 seconds then fussed for 20 minutes.)


tumblr_ltnymfq4NX1qen75uIt’s really not any surprise she fell asleep easy, my daughter is amazing. I’m the one that fails at parenting.

S*** Happens

I was forewarned that as a mom, I will be peed on, pooped on, sneezed on, vomited on, and thrown food on. I expect this.

When I take my child’s diaper off I knowingly run the risk of any sort of icky accident that may occur. I still wasn’t prepared for this one.

Lenna loves to run from me as soon as the diaper is off (as all toddlers do). This morning I was feeling really slow and let her be for a minute. That’s when I heard the grunt. I look at her and see this big smile on her face. I approach her slowly as to not to scare the child but it was too late. She lunged forward in her favorite game of chase and took off leaving behind a little half circle of brown poo around the living room.



#MSDailyLiving tips

  • Sleep is important! The body NEEDS time to recover from all of its hard work. And having MS is very hard work. Without the recovery time, your symptoms will compound and worsen. It never fails if I have a couple of bad nights in a row, then there will be an inevitable fall in my future.
  • Listen to your body. I’m not trying to insult anyone’s intelligence with this one but I know that sometimes on days that I feel good I will get up and start cleaning or whatever project is going on at the  time and the next thing I know I’m exhausted. I walk hunched over too tired to straighten my back, legs will be burning and the only thing on my mind is “SIT DOWN!” The Point: TRY to catch yourself from getting to that level of fatigue. Recovery from day time overexertion is the worst! I try to avoid it.
  • Make life work around YOU. Washing Dishes? Use a bar stool. Putting on pants? Sit down to put on your clothes. It embarrassingly took me a while to figure that one out. We are taught at such an early age a “way to do things” that it becomes seared into our brains. Think outside of the box to get what you need to do done for the day and get it done safely.
  • Speak up. Multiple Sclerosis is on some days an invisible illness that is completely unknown to strangers and easy for loved ones to put it in the back of their mind. We are all human. I have on many occasions had to remind family and loved ones that I know I make having MS look cool and easy (HA!) but I’m struggling and I need help.
Take That MS!

Take That MS!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Do you have any tips?

How to: Make A DIY Felt Board

Great Idea that I had to share!


Sarah Bregel

How to: Make A DIY Felt Board

All you need to make this super easy gift is:

  • a cork board
  • a staple gun
  • a pair of scissors
  • assorted felt

Start by wrapping your cork board with felt. I chose white. Actually, I originally wanted to do green on the bottom half and light blue on the top for grass and sky but Michael’s did not have large enough felt to cover my board. In the end I was glad I went with white because then I had more options for scenes (a beach scene, a farm scene, a castle scene). Pull the felt tightly so there are no wrinkles and staple gun the felt all the way around the back of the board. Cut off any excess. Then, all you have to do is cut some lovely felt pieces of your choice. I seriously had way too much fun doing this, though my hand did get tired…

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Once upon a Bedtime Routine #MSMommy

As a first time mom I relied heavy on the words of those that have experienced motherhood before me. ‘Sleep when the baby sleeps’. Check. Some advice contradicted other advice, I would get confused, get worried about being confused, get overwhelmed, then start to stress. And that’s why I gave up on taking advice and have been just winging it ever since.


mhmm Scary!

I instantly liked the idea of a bedtime routine when I first heard of it. I thought, “Yes. That is a go. We are definitely doing that.”

It never really worked for me. Rocking her to sleep worked well for a long time (4 or 5 months) but she finally caught on and will wrestle me down if she even suspects that is what I am trying to do. Falling asleep to a bottle used to work when she was a newborn but how do you keep a newborn awake?

I basically have gotten to the point where I now wait till she falls over with exhaustion where ever she may be. Let’s add this to the ever-growing list of ways that I am a failure as a parent.

Lenna’s Bedtime Routine

  • Dinner
  • Bath time (optional here)
  • Play till Sleepy
  • Bedroom to put on PJs
  • Offer a Last Bottle
  • Mommy lies down and impatiently waits for Little one to pass out of exhaustion
  • **50/50 Whether or not she falls asleep on the bottle or lays down beside me and falls asleep.

Whatever happens after that last bottle it’s always late and I always end up waking up on her bedroom floor at 3am. I put her in her crib and get to my bed asap to catch a couple more hours of sleep.

Before you think it (probably too late) crying-it-out is too hard for me to deal with. It breaks my heart every single time. I guess I will have to wait till she’s 4 or 5 and then we can talk about bed time. HA! I have no idea what I’m doing!