Once upon a Bedtime Routine #MSMommy

As a first time mom I relied heavy on the words of those that have experienced motherhood before me. ‘Sleep when the baby sleeps’. Check. Some advice contradicted other advice, I would get confused, get worried about being confused, get overwhelmed, then start to stress. And that’s why I gave up on taking advice and have been just winging it ever since.


mhmm Scary!

I instantly liked the idea of a bedtime routine when I first heard of it. I thought, “Yes. That is a go. We are definitely doing that.”

It never really worked for me. Rocking her to sleep worked well for a long time (4 or 5 months) but she finally caught on and will wrestle me down if she even suspects that is what I am trying to do. Falling asleep to a bottle used to work when she was a newborn but how do you keep a newborn awake?

I basically have gotten to the point where I now wait till she falls over with exhaustion where ever she may be. Let’s add this to the ever-growing list of ways that I am a failure as a parent.

Lenna’s Bedtime Routine

  • Dinner
  • Bath time (optional here)
  • Play till Sleepy
  • Bedroom to put on PJs
  • Offer a Last Bottle
  • Mommy lies down and impatiently waits for Little one to pass out of exhaustion
  • **50/50 Whether or not she falls asleep on the bottle or lays down beside me and falls asleep.

Whatever happens after that last bottle it’s always late and I always end up waking up on her bedroom floor at 3am. I put her in her crib and get to my bed asap to catch a couple more hours of sleep.

Before you think it (probably too late) crying-it-out is too hard for me to deal with. It breaks my heart every single time. I guess I will have to wait till she’s 4 or 5 and then we can talk about bed time. HA! I have no idea what I’m doing!


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