S*** Happens

I was forewarned that as a mom, I will be peed on, pooped on, sneezed on, vomited on, and thrown food on. I expect this.

When I take my child’s diaper off I knowingly run the risk of any sort of icky accident that may occur. I still wasn’t prepared for this one.

Lenna loves to run from me as soon as the diaper is off (as all toddlers do). This morning I was feeling really slow and let her be for a minute. That’s when I heard the grunt. I look at her and see this big smile on her face. I approach her slowly as to not to scare the child but it was too late. She lunged forward in her favorite game of chase and took off leaving behind a little half circle of brown poo around the living room.





  1. oh, the honesty. Haha. I appreciate your candor. Not a lovely situation, but certainly one that happens. Thanks for the laugh!

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