#MSDailyLiving tips

  • Sleep is important! The body NEEDS time to recover from all of its hard work. And having MS is very hard work. Without the recovery time, your symptoms will compound and worsen. It never fails if I have a couple of bad nights in a row, then there will be an inevitable fall in my future.
  • Listen to your body. I’m not trying to insult anyone’s intelligence with this one but I know that sometimes on days that I feel good I will get up and start cleaning or whatever project is going on at the  time and the next thing I know I’m exhausted. I walk hunched over too tired to straighten my back, legs will be burning and the only thing on my mind is “SIT DOWN!” The Point: TRY to catch yourself from getting to that level of fatigue. Recovery from day time overexertion is the worst! I try to avoid it.
  • Make life work around YOU. Washing Dishes? Use a bar stool. Putting on pants? Sit down to put on your clothes. It embarrassingly took me a while to figure that one out. We are taught at such an early age a “way to do things” that it becomes seared into our brains. Think outside of the box to get what you need to do done for the day and get it done safely.
  • Speak up. Multiple Sclerosis is on some days an invisible illness that is completely unknown to strangers and easy for loved ones to put it in the back of their mind. We are all human. I have on many occasions had to remind family and loved ones that I know I make having MS look cool and easy (HA!) but I’m struggling and I need help.
Take That MS!

Take That MS!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Do you have any tips?


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