Bedtime Routines & Other Cruel and Unusual Punishments

I lie this is only about one stupid bedtime routine.

The idea of change for me is scary but the importance of my little one’s sleep and mine depend on a bedtime routine that works. So here we go:

DorothyI started the morning by waking her early. My theory is she has a 4-6 hour awake time and her afternoon nap is interfering with the bedtime. Lenna wakes up from her afternoon nap at 3:30 (ish). The plan has been set in motion.

There really is no plan, I’m just trying to get the timing of “Drowsy & Bedtime crap” right.

      • Dinner
      • Bath
      • PJ’s
      • Playtime which includes Books – etc.
      • Last Bottle
      • Put in crib with Binky (Pacifier – please don’t judge) and pink Panda
      • 5 minutes of crying -OR-15-30 minutes of fussing (Lenna fussed.)
      • Return to give Binky and pink Panda
      • 5 minutes of crying -OR- 15-30 minutes of fussing (Lenna cried for almost 30 seconds then fussed for 20 minutes.)


tumblr_ltnymfq4NX1qen75uIt’s really not any surprise she fell asleep easy, my daughter is amazing. I’m the one that fails at parenting.


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