Caving in to the Crying-It-Out Pressure

Update on having a set bedtime for Lenna: Not good.

I had one successful night and then we had a bad night where all was lost. After an hour of crying I caved. And once again, I woke up on the floor next to my daughter’s crib and she was snuggled up beside me.  This is hard.


My daughter with her Binky

My Problem: My mom calls me a nervous mom and therein lies my failure as a parent. It’s the truth, I am a little, but it still hurts my feelings that I come across as “nervous” to her. Yea, I want my little girl to eat. Yes, I want my little girl to get all the rest she can. Yes, I want her to grow up self-reliant and confidant and not mommy-dependent. She is already beautiful and smart.

So having said that; I promise not to weasel my way out of teaching the little one about bedtime.

I promise to keep at it with the finger foods, spoons, and sippy cups.

I promise to find a local liquor store and “relax a bit”.




One comment

  1. Ah, don’t feel bad about caving in. I’m the same way. My son is 7 months old and will only fall asleep if we hold him. I tried for DAYS to let him “cry himself to sleep” like other people said to do – total fail. Truth is, I hate when he cries like that. He sounds scared and abandoned, and I don’t understand how that can possibly be a good thing when I am trying to make him sleep soundly – I mean, wouldn’t that bring on nightmares more than anything?
    Anyway, the way I see it is they will eventually outgrow all of this. And in the end I know I will be the one crying at night when he no longer wants to snuggle up with me before he sleeps.
    So yes, it’s hard – but I think we need to enjoy all of these little things, because they definitely grow up too fast!

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