The 12 month check up

shrugYesterday was the kind of day that you dread and worry about but then when it finally does happen, it turns out to not be so bad.

The last doctor’s appointment for the Munchkin’s shots was rescheduled due to the fact that on that particular day last month it was a freaky minus 5 degrees outside. Being that I am from THE SOUTH I, myself, am not acclimatized for such ridiculous-ness, therefore I wasn’t going to take my daughter out in that either. The Munchkin’s father, Mr. Sexy Pants, being from Iowa, thinks I’m being cute or silly but no in my mind it was some sort of apocalyptic ice age outside. We needed to stay indoors while we had electricity. These decisions were based in survival.

So the rescheduled doctor’s appointment arrived and Lenna knew what was up the moment we hit the waiting room. Thank God I’ve been blessed with the best mom on the planet, She swooped in and saved the day as all Mamaw’s should. [Ma-maw is southern twang for grandmother]. She was there the whole time to calm and soothe the terrorized naked baby. My heart goes out to all the parents who have to take their children to the doctor’s office. But don’t worry expectant parents, it is not that bad.

Lenna’s doctor was kind and gentle with her. She remained safe and cozy in my lap as the baby doctor kneeled in front of her and offered her stethoscope, all while keeping her voice low and not making eye contact. She was a master at distraction while checking the little one’s spine, tummy and eyes. She left the exam leaving behind a quiet almost asleep child in her mother’s arms and assuring me that my little one will only have to endure three shots today.

babycryFast forward to the crazy eyed nurse who busts open the exam room asking to lay the child on the table and proceeds to give four shots to my little one’s perfect little legs. Both Mommy and Mamaw were constantly reassuring the Munchkin that the pain will only last a little while and we are not trying to kill her. I’m not quite sure she understood.

After the 30 seconds of terror passed; a good hug and her Binky was all she needed and she was back to normal and ready to go.


Super Baby!


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