My quest to feed a picky eater

I have been wanting to make my own baby food for sometime to save money and to further my quest in getting the little one to eat something more than puree baby food. I’m using carrots because this is one of the culprit’s favorites. Here goes nothing:






My carrot mash was ready. My first attempt did not go very well. The carrots were way too lumpy for the Munchkin and she actually started to gag without having had tried any of it. I am gonna have to keep an eye out for her and her ‘acting’.


Yea she hates it.

My Second attempt yielded a much smoother texture. I added more water and blended for a few more seconds but that too was also a no go. At this point however she was over all of it, she even refused her all time favorite – sweet potato. We pressed the reset button with playtime and waited about an hour to try again with dinner. She ate 4 oz. of Gerber puree sweet potatoes.



That’s alright. I will keep trying! She will be interested someday.



  1. Uh, I feel your pain. My son was fine, but my girls are so picky. And even when I have had success with something one day, they will decide the next day they don’t like it. At 13 months I still have them on formula because I am worried they don’t get enough nutrition from their diet (although one is 27lbs the other is only 21lbs and yes, they eat almost the same amount, they are just completely different body structures). Hang in there, hopefully things get better for both of us!

  2. Oh no… don’t give up, mama!
    Try different ways to cook the vegetables (I think steamed and roasted taste way better than boiled) and different combinations. For example: potato & carrot (I like using potato as a base, it’s mild in flavor and combines well with just about anything, or zucchini works great too), or pear-strawberry (my son’s ultimate favorite).
    Good luck! 🙂

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