Top 10 Ways I Am A “Bad” Mother

I Love this blog and this woman.

A Game of Diapers

Let’s face it, no one is perfect at anything, especially parenting.  In my opinion it is not about right and wrong, just finding our own ways to get to the same destination. As a full-time working mom of three under three (including twins) things don’t always go according to plan.

So here are the things that make me a bad mother. Feel free to add your own in the comments section, it feels good to confess.

10. I have to hold in the laughter when I hear my kids swearing.  Personally, I don’t care that much about minor swear words, in fact, I actually find it cute when my son says “what the hell?” in his little three year old voice.  But I know, I know, it’s not funny to swear, tee hee hee. 

9. I have bribed my children.  I have probably spend hundreds of dollars buying chocolate milk for…

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